Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's for dinner?

I guess I can't even cook dinner without taking pictures:-)

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All my life I have said over and over that I don't like fish.  I was the little Catholic girl who during Lent refused to eat fish on Friday when my parents went to Howard Johnson's (Bordentown, NJ)  for their weekly fish fry.  They relented and let me have a hamburger, peas, and gravy, but don't tell anyone;-)  Over the years I decided that fried shrimp was another good vehicle for eating my beloved ketchup.  After a while, I'd even got to where I'd eat cocktail shrimp and sauce.  Finally I graduated to sauteed shrimp with lots of butter.  Notice a trend?  The shrimp had to be camouflaged. But still, I refused to eat any other kind of shrimp.

Donnie likes fish, and I'm really game for trying new stuff these days, so I bought some Salmon from Whole Foods a few weeks ago.  I managed to cook it reasonably well by pan frying it in the cast iron skillet, and I honestly had no trouble eating it up.  I stopped short of saying it was great though.

Carolina Grown has a lot of trout on their menu but also has fish like Almaco Jack from Haag & Sons Seafood.  This week I decided to have some Almaco Jack delivered with my order.  Now boy was that fish good!  I loosely followed the recipe on Carolina Grown's food blog using lime juice, a hint of basil and coconut oil along with salt and pepper and white wine.  The fish was mild, flaky, no ones, and YUMMY!  Served up with some onions and sweet bell pepper (orange) along with snow peas and a hearts of romaine salad.  Very satisfying.

So if you were asking what's for dinner now you know!  :-)

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Major Mom said...

Good for you for trying -- and liking -- fish! We try to have it at least once a week!