Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spooky Chemistry Delights Again

If it's October, then it must be time for Spooky Chemistry at The Museum of Life and Science in Durham. The boys and I went to the museum today for their annual Halloween fun and learn about science in a spooky way day:-) Dr. Ken Lyle’s Duke University Chemistry Students put on a great chemistry demonstration in the Biolab. We saw how hydrogen peroxide and some other ingredients could help a sick pumpkin. The students made 'snow'. A pirate made water disappear. Dry ice and bubbles were used to make a huge bubble over a cauldron. And, the kids got to hold bubbles in their hands. Fun! And, in The Lab, the boys got to do some Candy Science. They decoratee marshmallows and puffed them up with air. They got to view some cool Halloween colored items under the microscope, and they got to do a chromatography experiment. Below is a collage of both of those activities.

At the bear habitat, Gus and one of the other bears were in the water swimming and being frisky. What a delight to walk up to that show!

What a treat today too. We got to meet Christopher the Barred Owl in the Farmyard. There were Harry Potter characters at the museum today, and it seemed appropriate given them and the season to see the owl up so close. The trainer was cute with the kids asking them questions and leading them through answers. I enjoyed the photo op!

Finally we have some fall leaf color in NC! The wetlands area in Explore the Wild is definitely starting to come alive with color!

Don't forget if you go to the museum to buy train tickets and have a great ride!

Although the boys weren't lucky enough today to 'hold' a butterfly during the release, we did have a good time in the Butterfly House. I especially like the shot of Johnny in the collage below. The rain had come on to bring the humidity back up, and Johnny (and Joey too) was just sitting on the bench relaxing and enjoying the cooling mist.

If you didn't make it to Spooky Chemistry this year, I recommend that you try to get to this event next year. Next up, Holiday Springs and Sprockets and the Santa Train.

A link to all of today's pictures is here.