Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not Just Butterflies at the Butterfly Bash

The boys and I attended the Butterfly Bash at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham today and had a great time. However, I really didn't see this experience coming. I was just as sure as Joey and Johnny that I was not going to eat a bug. But, after riding the train and giving it some thought, I figured I just shouldn't pass up on an opportunity like this one...ha ha gulp! So, with a little moral support from the staff and some help from Kristen with the camera I took the plunge and ate 2 cooked meal worms with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar. Now, I have to admit I didn't, um, chew but they did go down! After all, it is just protein, right?!?

Much more seriously, I got some great flower pictures in the outside butterfly garden and some cool butterfly shots both inside and out.

The boys had a great time holding Owl Butterflies, riding the train, playing in the caboose, and all the other things they always love to do at the museum.

We also had a special treat and got to see the keeper at the Black Bear exhibit give the bears 5 gallon bucket size fruit popsicles. What a treat for them and us since they had to go into the water for a swim to retrieve their pops.

I even got to see the red-tailed hawk and kingfisher in the wetlands area.

What a day!

The link to all of today's pictures on Picasa is here.