Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day Out With Thomas 2008

Wow! I think this is our 4th year going to Day Out With Thomas (DOWT) down in Spencer, NC at the NC Transporation Museum. This is the first time that it rained while we were at the event. Thankfully, it was mostly just misty and not really coming down. We never used an umbrella. I'd say this year's event was just as much fun as all the others, but it seemed slightly more low key and less crowded today probably because of the weather. The only thing we missed was that they did not have the Norfolk and Southern diesel engine that we could walk inside of today. We enjoyed our train ride and the roundhouse and the boys had a blast with the Thomas inflatable and putt putt. Enjoy the pics. I've included a few of the best here, but the rest of are here. You'll see Johnny driving a real fire truck, the view from the train ride, and some other cool things.

From 2005. How times change and stay the same...

Monday, September 22, 2008

R2-D1 is here!

Well, actually, it's more like a combination of R2-D1 and R2-D2, but Joey calls him R2-D1. He wanted to make up his own droid instead of just being R2-D2, but after we built it, we discovered there was a real R2-D1. Oh well.

Here are some interesting droid links we just enjoyed:

And, not to be left out, here's Johnny practicing for his Halloween debut as Mr. Incredible.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yates Mill Pond Revisited

The boys and I were back at Yates Mill Pond today. It was the 3rd weekend of the month, and they were running the water wheel and giving tours. I went with tripod in hand to try to get some different shots of the water spilling out over the wheel. The goal was to get a misty effect. I think the shots I took turned out pretty cool. If you can fast forward through them, it's almost like you're watching it happen all over again.

I also tried to get some more stained glass type shots today with a new clear dogwood flower etched (heavy) plate. It's fun to play with the glass and marbles (when they aren't sliding off the plate onto your head).

The best shots are here.

All the shots are here.