Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just Me and Johnny

Today was one of those rare days when Joey was in school, and Johnny and I were both off. Rick was working, so Johnny and I just had the day to ourselves.

After we got Joey on the bus, we headed to Cary via a short stop at Lake Wheeler.. Simpkins pond was shaded and cold, so we didn't stay too long. The ducks weren't super hungry either.

Our main mission was to pick up the Santa Paws pictures at Cameron Village. We checked out The Bargain Box thrift store while we were there too. (Guardian Angel wins hands down in my opinion.)

I also thought a trip to the mall would be nice. Let me tell you, it was great just having one child to keep up with, no refereeing, no loud play acting, no fidgets, etc. Johnny and I had a GREAT time. I could have had an equally nice time with just Joey too I'm sure.

I let Johnny get his pic with Santa. We had our usual soft pretzels and Icee lunch (oops, did I admit that?!?). I let him go on the new kiddie rides. Can you believe they are 75 cents each now?!? I even found a gift I was having trouble finding anywhere else. Great time!
The rest of the pics are here.

Another Sneak Peek

I'm just not good with secrets... I'm trying to choose between great smiles but not the greatest pose in the vertical shot and a better pose but J&J not smiling as nice in the horizontal shot. Decisions... Decisions... For our Christmas card.
The rest of the album is here.

Photography Show at Coffee & Crepes

I hung some of my photographs at Coffee & Crepes tonight. C&C, as I love to call it with friends, allows various artists to hang their work for one month intervals. So, my stuff will be up until 12/23/08.
I'm really thrilled to have some of my pics at C&C again. The purple wall has abstract glass shots, and half of the orange wall has nature shots including butterflies and daisies. I had plenty more to hang! Maybe in the spring...
If you get a chance to stop in while you're out holiday shopping, let me know what you think.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Johnny Did It!

Johnny's preschool had it's Thanksgiving program tonight.

It was really touch and go all week whether or not Johnny was going to going to participate or not. During pick-up today, Miss Lori told me to hand him off and leave QUICK tonight. To his protest, that's just what I did. Miss Amy did a great job of taking him from me and letting me make a fast retreat. Whew...

Let me just say that the kids, staff, and the music teacher, Miss Helga, did a great job with the Thanksgiving program. It worked out really well in the new gym/auditorium multipurpose room. There were about 5 songs, and the kids were lively and well practiced and having fun. All the parents really enjoyed it too!

Johnny came in looking for us. I worried he would jump out of line. He did not. Miss Lori was right behind him and got him situated on stage. He was singing to the songs, moving his hands as best as he could with the other kids, and generally doing well. I think the kids forget to smile sometimes when they are concentrating on not forgetting the words, etc. The highlight for Johnny had to be putting the pumpkin in the cornucopia. Big smile there.

Lucky for me, I was right up front (with Joey sitting in my lap), so I got some decent pics:-)
A special thanks to Miss Lori and Miss Amy for all their efforts in helping Johnny to succeed tonight:-)


The album pics are here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Madi Play Day

I called Christine Friday night to see if Madi could come over Saturday morning to play. She could:-)

I snapped the adorable couch pictures after we read about 5 Christmas books. Yes, I broke out the Christmas books yesterday morning!

I wanted to cook something with the kids and decided that the soft pretezel/dinner rolls would be fun. YUM!

We did a foam sticky/glue craft that the kids seemed to enjoy. Madi wanted to do a second one:-) There's my craft girl! Johnny was really enthused to come to the table which of course made me really happy too.
Blaze was really motivated to get doggie biscuits;-) She was well compensated.

Christine came over and joined us. Joey showed off his video game skills and we had fun with Lego bricks. Then it was time to feast on the dinner rolls. DOUBLE YUM!!

No one was really ready to stop playing, but after 3 1/2 hours of play, it was time. More Christmas books and crafts soon!
The rest of the pics are here.