Monday, May 28, 2012


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It's tradition on Memorial Day weekend for the Kidd Family pool (Madi's house) to open for the season with a picnic.  I always have tons of shots of the kids in the pool and on the waterslide.  Yesterday was no exception.

We did pause to remember those that died serving our country and enjoyed the day exercising the freedoms that they secured for us.

I decided to post a collage showing Donnie taking turns launching Madi and Johnny into the water.  They just could not get enough of this and kept coming back for more!  Joey and a few of the other kids got launched too, but it was Madi and Johnny that were most delighted.  Even though Donnie has the cold that's been going around now and wasn't feeling 100%, he spent a ton of time in the pool with the kids lifting and throwing and splashing and running circles to make a whirlpool.  I am so appreciative, and I know the kids think he's the best.

A huge thanks to Danny and Christine (Teen) for opening up their pool and house and throwing such a great party!  Danny rebuilt the pool this year including the deck, and his efforts really paid off.   Teen did a great job organizing the party and setting up.  Everything was great!

Here's a collage showing my 28 favorite shots.  I was shooting in continuous shooting mode most of the time, and some of my shots were out of focus.  It was a trade-off of not missing the moment but compromising a bit on image quality.

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From my cell.  Delighted kids ready for action!

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I love this picture of Joey and his water gun:-)  He did end up 'losing' it later in the day.  I wonder why!

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Danny taking the plunge and getting the best inflight shot of the day!

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Donnie racing around the outer edge of the pool to create a whirlpool.  The current can get going good enough to carry you around!

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The kids are almost too big for the waterslide now.  It rocked, it flattened out a bit, but it stayed up and was a ton of fun.  We try to encourage one at a time.  No walking back up it.  Feet first.  Butcha now in the moment of fun it can get crazy:-)

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I was able to get my arms up over my head enough to enjoy playing volleyball in the pool, and I was able to enjoy wearing a new swimsuit.  All in all a great day!

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