Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

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Considered an invasive pest plant by many, I still find the Mimosa or Silk Tree to be very pretty.

In a rush to get out the door for baseball practice this AM, but...

Johnny's baseball team lost 10-5 last night.  Johnny had one good play at third and one good hit, so we were proud.  The gallery of the game is here.

Hold slot for baseball picture or collage here.

Still cooking up a storm at the house minus the carbs.

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That's sirloin steak, onions, broccoli with cheese sauce, and some juicy tomatoes:-)

Checking out a new source for beef at local farm, Wilkerson Farms.  This is the field is the field of cattle!  They are way off in the distance in this shot, but I thought you'd appreciate the big sky we had yesterday better than looking at their back sides:-)

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If you're a rescued spaniel and you live on a cattle farm, you get good bones. This is Lexy.

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My almost daily green tinted Queen Anne's Lace.

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And leaving you with an orange lily to brighten your day!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Lines - Man and Spider

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I was sitting on the bleachers at Joey's baseball practice yesterday when I noticed this cool web.  Of course I had to start taking pictures.  It was pretty funny because the folks around me thought I was taking pictures of the people on the field.  Nope!  I adjusted the contrast which gave the shot a much needed darkening up. 

The doctor put me on an antibiotic for a sinus infection.  I feel a bit better today and am hoping I am back to myself by tomorrow.  

In baseball news, Johnny got a hit in his game last night and had 2 RBIs and went on to score himself.  His team pulled off a 15-3 victory.  Johnny plays again tonight.  Joey's next game is next week.  After rain, rain, and more rain the last two weeks which caused some baseball cancellations, Joey had a 2 hour practice last night to get him back in form. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


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A 3 shot pano created by Microsoft ICE of approaching storm clouds yesterday afternoon on my way to get the kids from school.  It never got particularly bad at my house although we did have some very tiny hail for a couple of minutes mixed in with moderate rain.  Thankfully the kids and I made it back home from school without incident.

I pan fried some pork chops in coconut oil yesterday, and they came out pretty yummy too.

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Donnie and I continue to have good success with our recent diet changes and some success with the kids too although of course it's harder to get kids to give up certain things and try new things.  Never-the-less, we  keep trying.

Donnie and I found this video insightful yesterday.

My cold isn't any better.  It might even be worse today.  I think it's time to go to the doctor:-(

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lace-Winged Roadside Skipper

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Today's daily is a lace-winged roadside skipper.  I've never seen this skipper before.

The King Snake was back by my front door for a second sighting yesterday resting peacefully in a fern.  Cool!

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He's probably feasting on frogs in the small 150 gallon ornamental pond that's nearby.  The kids know he's hanging out in that spot and have been instructed to observe but not bother him.

I still only have bluebird eggs in my box.  The babies have not hatched.  Here are mom and dad looking on.

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The kindergarten and first grade kids at Johnny's school put on a Sing a Story Tell a Tale performance at the PTA meeting last night.  Here are a few pics and a video from the show.  Johnny was really enthusiastic about his role throughout much of the performance, and I'm very proud of him.

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I've still got that cold the kids passed on to me and can't seem to shake it:-(

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Fence Line

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There's a spot I pass on the way to/from the boys' school every day.  The pond often has awesome reflections, the fence line catches my eye, and I enjoy watching the horse and the two goats.  I keep hoping for the perfect shot, and it's just not happening.  I saw the horse sortof in a good position yesterday afternoon and stopped to take a few pics.  I ended up liking this fence line shot the best but am undecided as to what the best pp would have been.  I went with a tad more color, contrast and detail but tried B&W and sepia and a much more intense color too.

Here's the horse.

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And here's a wider view.

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The pool party is on at the Kidd Family (Madi) pool this weekend! Danny finished the rebuild of the deck and was preparing to put the top rail on the pool sides this past Sunday. Donnie and I stopped by to check out the progress.  This is a 13 shot pano created by Microsoft ICE, and it has several technical issues (guys moved and upper left shot was blurred bad back at the camera), but you get the gist.  Bring on the water volleyball!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mr. Bluebird

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I loved this shot the minute I saw it yesterday, but it was just too grainy and slightly out of focus.  Not having anything better, I've applied a detail enhancing filter and then a dry brush filter to try to bring it to life as a daily.  I also used PhotoFrame to add a wood texture frame.

Taken in Madi's yard on her front porch.

I seem short on good shots this past week.  Hopefully that will change tomorrow!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Donnie Is Home!

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I spent time yesterday shopping at all the places a woman and a mom would want to shop if she didn't have kids in toe.  I was lonely sometimes without the kids and without Donnie, but I made the most of being on my own.  Between running errands and coming down now with the cold that the kids have, I just didn't take too many pictures.  What I did take had bad focus.  I also spent time visiting with a friend I hadn't seen for years, Mary, too.  It sure was good to see her and her German Shepard Bruno.  We had fun catching up!

But, the big news is that Donnie is home from his week in Arizona for a college graduation and to visit with friends.  I cannot be more excited that he's back.  What a wonderful sight to see him at my kitchen table this AM sharing breakfast, coffee, and the paper with me.  The rain is gone, the sun is out, temps are rising.  It's a good day!