Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bubble Blitz

The kids, Aunt Debbie, and I had a great time at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham yesterday. They had their Bubble Blitz event, so there were extra things to do on top of the normal always something going on there activities. Dr. Ken Lyle, Professor of Chemistry at Duke University and some of his students were there to lead the kids in doing various activities with bubbles. They did the traditional Diet Coke with Mentos explosion, make your own soda, ignite a bubble, and several bubble creating things with dry ice. Lots of fun and thankfully all set up under a huge shaded tent as it was incredibly hot yesterday. 2nd row far right Johnny is creating a bubble around his body. I got one kid with the bubble over his head:

Kicking myself for not having any of my 'business' cards left in my camera case to hand them. 3rd row far right the kids are doing an experiment mixing acids and bases. Baking soda reacted with water, vinegar, and lemon juice. Bottom row far right, Madi is on their new bungee jump. A duo of them is situated in the spot where the ornithopter used to be. Of course I had to sneak in a few flower pics I took at the museum yesterday too. Even Max the Jersey Cow.

Dr. Lyle with the Diet Coke fountain:

This picture show just exactly how hot it was:

She had misted her face. The misters really come in handy!

Neat texture shot:

Rest of the pics on Picasa.

Until their next event or our next trip...