Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Year of the Elf

Ya know, kids are always going to be into something. Thomas, McQueen, Mario. The list is never ending, and before you know it one thing is out and a new thing is in.

Well this year for Christmas, elves are in at our house! It all started with Joey's first grade teacher, Mrs. Cherry, introducing the kids to The Elf on the Shelf.

If you aren't familiar with this tradition, an elf and a book come in this neat box. You get them out each Christmas. The child/children get to name the elf and are absolutely not allowed to touch the elf. The parent or other adult moves the elf around each day in secret but of course the kids think the elf is moving on his own. The story goes that the elf flies home to Santa each day to give a behavior type progress report on the child to Santa and then returns back 'home' and just lands in a different spot. Or, he wants a different vantage point to watch their behavior.

So, Joey was coming home from school every day for a week talking up a storm about Eddie Elf in class. I had no clue... He was even drawing Eddie and writing stories about him. So, we used a Borders gift card that we had lying around to order our own Elf on the Shelf which we named Elfy. (In the collage above he's center top row).

Then we were in the thrift store, Guardian Angel, and found Giant and Snowy...the two white elves in the collage above. 70's vintage or older antiques to be precise.

I found the cup elf and Swingset elf as Joey calls him in the attic with the boxes of stuff off my childhood tree. eBay showed me what the cup elf was really for.

And, lastly, I picked up a couple of doll type elves at Hallmark.

Let me make it very clear. I have to remember to move the elves or I'm in big trouble. One day the elves were running late and I had to move them while the kids were at school!

Joey's already asking if one of the elves can watch guard over him in his room all year long:-) And, in the picture of him and the tree above, he's dressed like an elf with hat, green shirt, and red/green elfy pants.

It's a wonderful tradition and not too late to start with your own kids. I can't say that it's helping with behavior very much, but it sure is fun!