Friday, June 1, 2012


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This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail showed up on my butterfly bush yesterday.  Technically I was late to go get the boys from school already, but I just had to get out of my car and take a few pics before i headed down the road.  This was the best one I got for sharpness and color and exposure.  I hate it the leaf is in front of his head:-(

This shot is Madi's dog Salvo poolside yesterday.  He's so handsome!  We love this dog.  He's such a well behaved boy!

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This is Joey asking to have his picture taken.  He was really enjoyed the water!  Thanks to Teen and Madi for having us over!

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All my kid shots at the pool were blurry.  Too much action and not enough light but at least when the shade is over the pool we can sip the sunscreen/chemicals and no worry about sunburn.  The water was reasonably warm.  It felt great!  The kids are doing this new thing this year where they somersault into the pool:-)  I did talk to them about neck safety since the pool is not that deep.  I think they're OK with what they are doing at least this year.

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The video describes it better:-)

And the obligatory daily food shot.  How to have a hamburger without a bun.  Put homemade cheese sauce on it and then add a little sour cream salsa mixture as a pseudo ketchup.  Yum!

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