Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gloriosa Daisy and Start of 5th Year Posting a Daily Photo

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Back on June 11th 2009, I start posting a daily photo.  I made it through the first two years without missing a day and almost always posting something new.  Last year, the 3rd year, I faltered a bit missing a few days and posting some older shots.  I'm committed to another year, the fourth, but I'm sure I'll miss a day here or there.  Still, I love taking pics and looking at those of fellow photographers as time permits.  Thanks to all that have stopped in over the past 3 years to offer encouragement.

I took my daily in the Kidd Family Garden on Saturday.  Below is a shot I took in the same garden back on June 13th 2009.  It was my 3rd daily post:-)  Last year the gloriosa daisies didn't do as well, but I'm glad to see them back looking totally fantastic this year.

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