Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orange Sulphur & Ocola Skipper Butterflies

I took a few butterfly pictures yesterday on butterfly bush and coneflowers. I was happy to see a 'different' butterfly than the same ones I've already taken pictures of. The greenish looking yellow one in the top picture is an Orange Sulpher Butterfly.

Now, the brownish one in the bottom picture seems to be a Ocola Skipper Butterfly. I do have other pictures of this variety that I took on my butterfly bush a week or so ago.

The rest of yesterday's butterfly pics and Rick's birthday pics are here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Smiles & Giggles

After dinner tonight, the boys and I took some pictures with the camera timer. This always results in smiles and giggles. "Again, Mommy, again!" Johnny will shout. The rest of the pics are here. There are also 3 pics of a deer I saw on my way to work this morning in the new, large subdivision going in on Old Stage Road just north of Hwy. 42.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day & What is that darn butterfly?

The boys and I talked Rick into a trip to Lake Wheeler Park today which also turned into a trip to Yates Mill Pond. We had a good time. Temps were in the low 80s. The boys were happy to show their Dad their Mom turf. I was happy to take lots of pics. I'll share a few of the today's best below. You can see the best of the best here on Picasa. All of today's pics are here on Picasa. And, the nature pics I uploaded to SmugMug from today are here. Best as I can tell (with some help), is that the first butterfly is an American Lady and the second is a Buckeye.