Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lake Wheeler Car Show

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Donnie, the boys, and I attended the Piedmont Classic Chevy Car Show at Lake Wheeler yesterday.

"The Piedmont Classis Chevy Club will hold their 23rd Annual car show the 26th of May. Location will be at Lake Wheeler as it has been for the past several years. Registration  8:00 until 12:00. Proceeds will go to the Raleigh children's "Hilltop Home". The show is open to US made cars 1988 and older."

I estimate 150 or so cars.  This was Johnny's first car show, and he was so excited to look for green cars, learn what a convertible was, look under the hoods for the various horns, and learn what a radiator was.  Donnie has fond memories at shows like this of the cars he had growing up.  One was a 1970 Chevrolet SS Chevelle red with black racing stripes and a 396 cubic inch 4-speed.  There were several similar cars at the show.  Donnie wishes he still had that car, and I wish I'd picked up the 1959 Caddy I had an option to buy 20 years ago and passed up on.  There were two old Caddy's there, and I fondly remembered the 1966 I drove for a while.  Wrecked it in high school:-(  But mostly for me it's all about the reflections and chrome:-)

Here's Johnny in the wheel cover of a very nice looking Buick.  Doesn't he look like he's having a good time!  I told him to look at the chrome.  I should have told him to look at me in the chrome.

This Buick is the same car as the daily shot.  You can see Johnny and Donnie in his yellow shirt in the daily shot if you look close.

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I loved the bright orange and yellow combo here!  I was shooting around noon, so the light was as harsh as can be:-(

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Donnie said he has never seen this car before.  It's a 1937 Chevy Coupe Pickup.  Donnie said it was an El Camino before El Camino's were in fashion:-)

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I'm always fascinated with the Road Runner cars and their extra artwork and of course the Beep Beep horns.  Unfortunately, Johnny didn't get to hear it, but he enjoyed looking at it.

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You can almost see me in this one.  See that sun and those pretty Carolina Sky clouds?  Got me a bit of sunburn on the tops of my shoulders.

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This is just too sweet...  He forgot his shorts and had his baseball pants on from an earlier practice.  Cute in everything!

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I am feeling better but the cough lingers and kicks in at night and is rough.  Still, I'll take better, and thanks for your well wishes.  Donnie has it now, but he's a big, tough guy and he'll shake it quick.

Time for the annual Kidd Family Memorial Pool opening today!  The kids are super excited!

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