Saturday, April 18, 2009

Durham Museum of Life and Science Butterfly Bash

Joey, Johnny, Madi, and I went to the Durham Museum of Life and Science today for their Butterfly Bash event. The weather was really nice if not just a tad hot by midafternoon. The kids behaved really well. And, there were a lot of extra things to do today on top of the really cool things that are always going on at the museum.

Madi was sweet on both boys a lot today. Johnny in particular was all smiles about it.

This is a picture of the butterfly parade. The guy on stilts fascinated the kids.

They had chalk for the kids to draw butterflies or whatever. The kids always like this type of opportunity to show off their drawing skills. They got me involved tracing bodies like we've done before at home and at the zoo.

Joey drew mom a swallowtail like she's been taking pictures of. Is that not too cute?!?

We saw Ranger Greg in the Explore the Wild exhibit today. He pointed out several neat things to us in the Wetlands area including this frog.

Conductor Richard taking train tickets.

The tunnel:-) Yes, they were LOUD. Say what?!?

I just like this picture of Madi. It looks like she's in some fairy tale dreaming of wonderful things.

We went to the butterfly house at 3 for the release. What a swarm of people today. But, we were lucky and all 3 kids got to hold a butterfly. Joey is lucky about getting them and then passing them on.

All of today's pics are here.