Monday, May 26, 2014

Remembering and Celebrating

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For years now, on Memorial Day weekend, the Kidd Family opens the pools and hosts a neighborhood party.  I know J&J started talking about the party and how much they were looking forward to it since March. Below is a collage from 2010, and you know I've got a collage from every year there's been a party;-)  We note that this year felt like the coldest on record for Memorial Day.  While the air temp was great for sitting outside and relaxing the day, the pool water was COLD!  However, we all braved it anyway.  The kids had their fun making whirlpools running circles around the outer wall of the pool, and the adults played pool volleyball with beach balloons.  There were hamburgers and hot dogs and lots of festive desserts.  The kids also had some fun with the underwater camera.  As always, everyone had a lot of fun!

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