Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Inflatable

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As many of you know, we have an inflatable for nearly every holiday.  But, we didn't have a Valentine's Day one.  Each year I look and don't see any local and don't really like what I find online either.  This year that was kindof the case too but Johnny really wanted this teddy bear, so I ordered it.  Johnny is my technology boy, and he likes to set them up and operate them (flip the power strip and make sure they come up straight) each day.  He said he was really missing the Christmas ones.  He said it just wasn't right we didn't have one for Valentine's Day.  How could I resist?

Johnny Drawing Wall-E and Eve

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Johnny decided he needed to draw at his orthodontist appointment yesterday.  He drew Wall-E and Eve and then some other robots.  The ladies in the office were quite charmed by him.  Gotta love a well behaved kid (at least right then) with such a wonderful smile.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Change of Possession (Joey's Basketball Game)

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Joey is right in front of the scoreboard.  His coach did a 4 in 4 out of the 9 kids he had to fill the 5 slots on the floor, and Joey saw plenty of playing time.  His coach is trying to groom him to play center because of his height, but Joey isn't getting as many of the rebounds yet that a typical center would.  He seemed to have fun.  Unfortunately, his team lost.

I shot 175 basketball pics on Saturday, and that's about all I've shot in the past 4 or 5 days.  I've started spring cleaning, gray January days aren't that bright and interesting, and a couple of other excuses too;-)

More pics from Joey's game are here.

Johnny (#8) Basketball Game

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Only 5 players showed up for Johnny's game, so he played the entire time.  Basketball is new to him, and we're working with him on how to 'want' the ball and how to stay focused.  Johnny's teammate, Nicco (?sp) is jumping up for the ball in this shot (pink on his sneakers).  Nicco was the best shot on the floor for Johnny's team during this game...a joy to watch.

More pics of Johnny's game are here.