Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beautiful Carolina Fall Day

The boys and I were out bike riding with Joey's new bike this morning (Johnny's too). Eli and Sophie heard us in their cul de sac and came out to play. J&J were just fawing over her giving her kisses and being sweet on her. We were off to Yates Mill Pond and then Lake Wheeler later in the afternoon. They were running the water wheel today, and I just never tire of seeing the water come spilling out and over the top. We took the trail around the 'pond' and had a good time talking about different trees and leaf colors and counting backwards as we walked past each trail marker. Lake Wheeler was really empty of people and geese and ducks especially for a Sunday, but we enjoyed our time there. Back at the house, it was time to carve pumpkins. Johnny really enjoyed pounding in the crystal spikes once I started them for him. Joey cut out some actual pumpkin pieces for the first time this year. It was fun. Maybe we'll do more later in the week. There are more pumpkins in the yard!
The rest of the pics are here.