Friday, June 1, 2012

My Carolina Grown Order from 060112

I order from Carolina Grown sometime from Sunday 6AM - Tuesday midnight and they deliver the following Friday or Saturday. My order has always come on Friday so far. I thought you might like to see what the coolers look like, what the food looks like, the packaging, etc.

Included in this order was fresh butter and mozzarella cheese, fresh bacon, purple scallions, snow peas, and almaco jack fish fillets.

So far I am very satisfied with the website for ordering, delivery service and the food.  You can read more about Carolina Grown on their website, but basically it's a business the seeks out and buys organic produce and grass fed meats and buys the food so that members don't have to run around hunting out these items for themselves.

I plan to take pictures baking that bacon this weekend!  And probably of the fish and snow pea meal too!

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