Friday, November 1, 2013

Last of the Roses

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Someone gave me this rose years ago as a gift.  I moved it from my yard to Donnie's yard over the summer.  It really seems to like the new spot!  Just a few more days of blooms left this growing season.  We've had one cold night so far and more on the way.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

P is for Pink Pattern and Breast Cancer Awareness

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An old but appropriately pink shot.  This shot was made using colored sugar shot through patterned clear glass.

I had  pretty cool P is for Pizza shot from the fair, but it wasn't quite pink enough.

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I go for my next breast cancer check-up on 11/7 which is nearly two years since my first surgery.  I am doing well most days.  My only major complaint would be the sometimes debilitating hot flashes caused y the medicine they have me taking as  precaution from any new tumors starting to grow.   Sometimes I get them multiple times per hour.  They wear me down but I refuse to let them slow me down too much.