Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sending Sunshine

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The rain moved out and the skies finally cleared after Tropical Storm Beryl moved out to sea.  My rain guage said 1.25 inches.

These lovely flowers, gloriosa daisy I believe, are growing in my front perennial garden.  They have come back fuller than ever.  I am pleased!  They remind me of sunshine and seem full of cheer.

Also blooming in my yard are hydrangea (lower right), oak leaf hydrangea (lower left), and gardenia (can you smell it?).

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I continue to try try to cook whole and healthy meals and to document them with pictures.  Below is green beans, onions, chicken breast, and a romaine lettuce salad with fresh guacamole sour cream dressing.  The dressing was a smidge thick but tasted yummy.

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My girlfriend, Patricia, pointed me to the blog 100 Days of Real Food.  The writer, Lisa Leake, recently documented everything that her family ate for a week with a picture.  She broke it up into breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.  Very interesting stuff at least to me.  She is allowing and serving way more carbs than I am but I still enjoyed reading her posts.

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