Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's a Geyser and More at Engineers Day!

Here we go!

Our trip yesterday to The Museum of Life and Science in Durham for Engineers Day couldn't have been better! We got there around 10 and left around 5 and just didn't have enough time to do everything we wanted to do.

Here are the kids standing by the rocket on our way in. I just loved the poses Madi was giving me and the monster faces Joey was trying to make.

IBM and it's team of volunteers did a great job as the event partner again this year hosting a hands-on exploration activities. Favorites of the kids were dropping an egg all wrapped up in recyclables and trying not to break it, taking apart a computer keyboard and mouse, racing the remote control rover bots, using 10 gumdrops and toothpicks to see who could build the tallest tower, and making boats and seeing whose could withstand the most pennies on top. Fun stuff!

Another one of the highlights of our day was watching Mentos geysers. Here Mentos Man has set off a geyser putting 11 Mentos into a Diet Coke.

Have you ever seen this? It's a great way to entertain the kids. Just make sure you have several bottles of diet soda and tubes of Mentos because once is just not enough. The Museum sells a kit in the gift shop, and you can get a similar one on Amazon.

Anyway, we watched 2 geysers, and the first time I was behind the kids and just got the geyser then I thought how cool to get the geyser and the kids in the same shot. Let's just say I am pleased with the expressions I got!

This video is worth watching if you enjoy music. I didn't quite understand the technology, but the cello is connected to the computer and is recognizing harmonics and creating a whole orchestra of sound on the go as the gentleman plays. So beautiful sounding I thought.

We ride the train almost every time, and it continues to be a thrill!

The kids aglow!

You can check out all of the Engineers Day pics on Picasa here.

We'll be back for Heroes, Villains and Special Effects on 9/11 AND 9/12.