Thursday, July 25, 2013

JB Headed Home

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JB finished his tour of duty helping us to move and work on fixing up my house.  The boys and I got him the Fuquay-Varina shirt.  Seems he has a white t-shirt from everywhere he's traveled, and that's a lot of places.  I thought we'd add to his collection:-)  This shot is right before he pulled out.  I figured I'd better get one shot of JB and Donnie together before he left!  We sure did appreciate JB's help while he was here, and no way did it seem like he was here for a little over two weeks.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

JB and the Doors

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JB, Donnie's brother, was busy painting the interior doors at my house.  He's in the garage, and there are doors surrounding him.  First primer and then the real bright white paint.  So glad I don't have to paint these!

Meanwhile Donnie and I were inside putting primer on the walls.  Painting the entire inside of my house is a real chore especially after we painted the entire inside of Donnie's house first!  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Black Tiger Swallowtail

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This guy was on a tiny pink rose that you can't even see.  I like the shots of the yellow ones from the last few days better but thought it was time to share a shot of one of the black ones.

We started fixing up my house to get it ready for sale.  Today I cut in primer on the walls in the master bedroom/bath, main bath, and the boys' old bedroom.  Donnie did the roller work in those rooms.  JB was primering all the doors in the house.  That's a lot of work when you have to take them off, label them, wipe/scrub them down, and then actually paint them.  We're hoping to be ready to put the house on the market 9/1.  Cleaning up the inside after 20 years is a large effort.  We'll have our regular guy come in and power wash the exterior and then we'll hire someone to stain the decks and paint the windows/trim (brick house). We could really use a rest...