Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lake Johnson

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Joey is trying to be Mr. Cool here;-)

The boys and I hiked around Lake Johnson today.  I wanted to go to the NC Zoo, but the forecast was for the sky to turn very cloudy by noon, and  sure enough it did.  I like sun for my pictures when I go to the zoo. At least the temps was in the 50s and the winds were relatively calm.  It was great weather for a winter hike.
I didn't tell the boys the trail was 3+ miles;-)  We've hiked this trail before, but they didn't immediately remember it.  Good thing!  I suggested that they bring their scooters.  The main trails is paved with asphalt and is quite hilly in spots, but you have to be careful not to trip on tree roots that are pushing up through the trail in may places.  We were all ready for the facilities and a snack by the time we completed the loop!

Santa bought a Wii U for Christmas and included a Wii U Fit Meter which I registered to me.  I've ordered another one for Joey who is very interested.  Johnny and I both wear a Fitbit each day already.  I have the Fitbit One, and he has a Fitbit Zip.  It was really interesting to compare the steps that each recorded for the hike.  All the devices reported a similar number of steps.  The picture below shows before and after shots of the Fit Meter.  The hike ended up being about 9000 steps if I averaged out the steps on each device.

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A couple of things to note:
1. The new Fit Meter is much bigger than the Fitbit One.
2. The clip on the Fit Meter doesn't really hold it onto my clothes, so I am keeping it in my pocket.
3. I really like the big display on the Fit Meter and it's cute that it shows my Mii.
4. There isn't as much doc available as I'd like for the Fit Meter.  I want to know how often I HAVE to sync the data with the Wii U before it gets lost and can't find that.  I'd also like more info on the data on the displays.
5. I like that that Fitbit data automatically syncs with a USB dongle on my computer or with my iPhone (or android).  Having to fire up the Wii Fit U game to sync the Fit Meter will get old if you really aren't playing the game every day.
6. Joey and I are loving the updated Wii Fit U game.  We have previously played the Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus games, and Nintendo has done a nice job adding new games and updating features with each iteration. We really do enjoy playing the games.  

I'm hoping to keep us active during the boys' January trackout, and I think the Wii Fit U game and Fit Meter will help.