Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow Day!

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The snow started earlier than predicted, fell longer, had bigger flakes, and was a real joy to be out in and watch.  Unfortunately it ended in mostly rain and is a slushy mess tonight but will be a crusty hard mess at 25 degrees tomorrow morning.  That's the way the snow is here...rare, comes quick and leaves fast.

Joey just won't wear a coat.  We figure it's more too lazy to put on warm clothes than that he's not cold at all.  At this point, though, he gets to decide for least when we're close to home where he can go put on dry clothes whenever he's ready.

As you can see, the camellia blossoms were pretty in a snowy and icy sort of way.  And, the kids big and small had a lot of fun.

Signs of Spring

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Took this picture of a pretty daffodil on a walk with Donnie today.

I love the laughter that you can often hear at my house.  Madi was over after the school, and the kids were on Club Penguin for a long time.  But as the kids often do, they begged Donnie to chase them on their scooters.  He's such a good sport.  They reminded me of 4 Stooges and a Scooter today.

Video A fun panned shot!  If the kids set their scooters down, Donnie grabs it:-)
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Love of My Life

Some men need a special day each year like Valentine's Day to be enticed to do something nice for the woman in their lives.  Donnie isn't one of those men.  He does wonderful things for me everyday.  He makes sure I stay warm and dry even if it means him getting cold and wet.  He removes frustrations in my life by fixing or handling things that are annoying or a burden.  When there's a problem, he works with me to find a solution we both agree on.  When I'm happy he shares in my joy, and when I'm sad he gives me a shoulder to cry on.  He's always there with a big smile, a warm hand to hold, and a sweet kiss.  That's  my Donnie...  I love you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yellow Rose

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We did our weekly shopping at Whole Foods last night and the store was beautifully decorated and ready for Valentine's Day shoppers.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

My Pictures on Greeting Cards

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I am SO excited!  Last year Sun Day Greetings contacted me about the possibility of using some of my photographs on their greeting cards.  I was intrigued and hopeful and worked with them to provide low res copies of the photos for their designers to work with.  After a few months, I heard back that they wanted to license 3 of the images, and I agreed and sent them the high res versions.  Today, and it was a wonderful surprise to me, copies of the finished cards showed up via UPS.  I always smile when I hear the big brown truck in the driveway.  Today's package brought a particularly large smile to my face and shouts to Donnie at the other end of the house about my excitement.  A big thanks to Sun Day Greetings for giving me this chance, to the Daily Photo Community for their motivation (all of these were daily shots), and of course a big thanks to Donnie for his continued support of my passionate photography hobby.

Note:  The lion is an anniversary card.  The sunflower is a sympathy card.  The yellow flower is a get well card.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


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Most nights Donnie and I have a salad with our dinner.  I thought all the colors looked particularly pretty last night and decided to snap a close-up.  It's all organic and freshly prepared.  We're using a full fat sour cream, salsa, and dill pickle relish mix for the dressing plus salt, pepper, shredded cheese, and bacon bits.  How can you go wrong?  :-)  This is obviously the big bowl before I finished making our smaller salads.