Monday, December 8, 2014

Vintage Christmas

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I took this picture at a doctor's office today.  Don't worry, it was more of a spa trip...nothing wrong.  The ladies in the office said that they hired someone to come in and do the tree.  And, what a gorgeous tree it was!  I loved all the sprays laid into the branches and the red and gold tone combination.  I lined up the shot to catch a beautiful painting on the other wall which gives the effect of a mother and her children enjoying the tree from across the room.  The only thing missing is a warm fire:-)

Here's the original.  I tried to give the shot I posted a vintage and painted effect.  Maybe a Christmas dream...

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Glorious Sunrise!

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Sometimes you have to stop for a sunrise picture on the way to take the tween to school even when he's griping in the background.  "Mom, it's a school day!"  "Mom, we don't have time to stop!"  "Mom, I'm gonna be late!"  He was NOT late:-)  I enjoyed the sunrise despite the protests.