Sunday, April 6, 2008

Little People

The boys have some Fisher Price Little People toys (go ahead, hit the link, you know you need to hear the theme song). Well, some is probably not the right adjective. You'll see in a minute. What I mean, is that like most kids these days, there are some Little People toys in the house. In all actuality, Mom is the one that likes Little People. Oh, the boys play with them alright, but Mom is the one down at the local thrift store buying dollar goodie bags hoping to find and rescue miscast Little People. Just ask my good friend, Debbie, about that and yard saling.

At any point, it had been a while since we'd played with the Little People toys. To steal a phrase from one of my other good friends, Patricia, we set up our "Little People Village" this afternoon on top of the pool table. In all honesty, the construction set and the airport runway just won't fit even with that much space to lay it out. However, I got most of it laid out while the boys had a good time playing. The car garage, house, and farm remain the alltime favorites at our house.

We have a lot of the holiday and special occassion sets too. I guess my very favorite set is the Christmas one with the candy shop, reindeer, and elves.

Here's to the little kid in all of us;-)

For more pics from today including crashing Hot Wheels cars, go here.


I made PW's spicy chicken legs again tonight. I was looking at PW's website last night and stumbled across a cornbread recipe. So, I got to thinking that I should try to make scratch cornbread for the first time in my life. As Dad will atest, the only cornbread us Northerners have ever eaten came straight from a Jiffy Mix box;-) And we didn't serve them with beans. It was ham and creamed corn!
Well, it wasn't hard to make at all. And, Joey was quite the helper, but I had missed reading that Ree doesn't like sweet cornbread. I tasted the batter, and it was a tad more bitter than I was prepared to eat, so I dumped in a 1/4 cup sugar. The batter seemed plenty moist enough to handle that without adding any more liquid.
I thought they turned out quite pretty and yummy. Joey took a few bites but was not sold. Johnny refused to even try...maybe tomorrow. I even had them buttered up. I enjoyed the one I let myself have, and making them was fun.
I have to say that I don't like crunchy bread, so I ignored the sizzle part of the recipe too. I don't even own an iron skillet (did I admit that?). The recipe turned out just fine in muffin cups;-)
If I'm not careful, my next cooking foray in the kitchen is gonna include fat back (hey, at least I know what it is).