Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow? Not Much!

Well, it feels like we've been waiting an eternity for some snow. Last night at 6PM it was sounding very promising for 2"-4". By 10PM it was more like 1"-3". What did we get? Maybe 1/4"...just a dusting. Frustrating for sure. It looked like the moisture went east and west of us. Boo hoo! I'm still hoping the boys and I can do some sliding around on slick grass in the morning. It should be plenty cold enough. I'm also hoping for extra bird activity at our bird feeders so I can take some nice close-up pictures.
A link to the rest of today's pics including making rolls and putting together a Lego rocketship are here.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ready Again!

OK, so they're serious about the snow this time. Yippee! We can't wait!!!

I made a huge pot of chicken soup in anticipation of cold, hungry snow bunnies tomorrow. Reheat and eat!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

No Snow...Sniffle, Sniffle

Oh well, as typically happens in NC, we get all excited and then get no snow. However, this disappointment won't keep me from getting excited again next time too!

I was really hoping for some great pictures today. To help appease me, I did go take a few of the 'no snow' day. The pink camelia is in my front yard. I have some red ones that are just gorgeous, but they have not opened their fragile buds yet. Those pics will be for another day. Bird feeders are filled for the first time this year and ready for a snow day too. Mostly we get squirrel birds, so I can't afford to fill them all the time.

This nice shot is from 2000. I need to find the negative!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting Ready

If you haven't heard, I'm going to display some of my sunset, sunrise, and nature pictures at Coffee & Crepes in Cary February 26th through March 26th. I'm pretty excited! I look at the art (pictures, paintings, quilt squares, etc.) they swap in and out there when I go in each week for a frappe on my way to RTP. Finally I called and asked what it takes to display art. Turns out, it's not too hard to get on the list. They reviewed my work, offered me a slot, and I signed up. I wasn't expecting it to happen so quick. It was just an innocent inquiry. One minute I was just thinking about it; the next minute I was doing it.

To get ready, I'm working on which pics to print, what sizes to print them, what frames to use, what color mattes if any, etc. I debated for a while what kind of card/literature to give out at the show and to leave in the store. I'll have some of the 4x6 2008 picture calendars at the show, and I'll leave a business card with my website and e-mail address on it in the store. You say, website address? I registered (.com and .net were already taken) last week. With a lot of help from my retired friend (you know who you are!), I now have a basic website which can be expanded later.

I've also framed my first picture tonight! I'm comparing the same picture printed at a few different labs to see who has the best quality for the best price. I just don't know how I'm gonna keep 25 frames around the house for nearly a month unbroken as I prepare them for the show.

Like I said, this is exciting. It's not for money, it's for the thrill of taking cool pics and sharing them with folks.

I've had a camera in my hand since I was way little and Dad gave me his old Brownie (square pics) then a Minolta 110 with a glass lense and then a Ricoh 35mm. Rick gave me a Minolta 35mm and my first 2MP digital...a Kodak. Plus, I've had two Cannon digitals now (Powershot SG2 and a Powershot SG3 which Dad bought me Christmas 2006). I see Joey and Johnny's (and Madi's) excitement about taking pictures taking off, and it's exciting all over again.


And, I don't mean the song! Did you hear it MIGHT snow, well ice, in NC tomorrow? It's a big deal for adults and kids alike. What could possibly bring out the little kid in us all more than a few flakes falling to the ground stick or not. Personally a blizzard would be fine by me, but even just enough ice to slide the saucer down the local 'hill' will work too. The kids and I are READY! My camera is ready! BRING IT ON! Please...

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Sick Day

Joey was somewhat sick when he went to bed Saturday night. He had me up with him 4 times. However, Sunday night, we were basically up all night. Poor guy had a high fever and a very upset tummy. We all shared his pain (and got no sleep). I ended up essentially calling in due to lack of sleep. Joey spent all day on the couch with his hoody on under his favorite soft blankie and cuddling Lovey and Blankie.

Johnny went to school and then did his best not to drive Joey nuts after he got home. It's hard to get the boys to sleep on separate couches...they are so used to cuddlng up together. Joey just did not feel like being bounced on today, and I don't blame him.

Blaze is never far...

At dinnertime, Joey was hungry and ate a large piece of steak and macaroni and cheese. However, he felt puny again after eating. He's on the mend but not over it.

Johnny needed to make a birthday card for his preschool teacher, Miss Mary, so we worked on that. Joey just could not resist making his own card (for Madi). Sitting at the table with Johnny was about all the energy he had. He was quickly back on the couch.

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