Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brown Thrasher

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A quick shot looking out the kitchen window. This bird, a brown thrasher, is about the size of a Blue Jay.

We got the final coat of green paint on the walls today. Looks great! Thanks for all your comments on the colors and our painting project. Master bathroom in a dark green/blue color is next.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Red Headed Woodpecker

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Taken at the same spot I took the Red Headed woodpecker shot a week or so ago.  The babies must still be in the nest hole (lower one).  Sure would love to get a shot of the babies peeking out.  This is a 144 times digital zoom so not great quality.  That's about a 700mm equivalent lens.  Wish they were closer but happy my SX40 HS lets me get shots like this.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tropical Paradise

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What do you get when you mix apricot nectar and min shake?  This is the room out the boys' TV room to the hallway.  Johnny requested green, and we agreed on this color.  Makes me either feel like I'm in a tropical paradise or have cravings for a mint chocolate chip shake which is my favorite ice cream flavor:-)

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and the kitchen/dining area to go.  More bright colors on the way!


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Johnny got to play catcher for two innings during his Little League game tonight.  He seemed to really enjoy suiting up and being so active in the game.  This is a quick shot through the fence to commemorate the moment.  He played catcher a few times last season too, but this was the first time this season.


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I stopped on the way home from the school run today to grab a few wild daisy shots. I've taken much better in prior years, but I got what I could given the light and lack of any water droplets. Unfortunately as I was heading back to the car, I got bit by a fire ant on my right hand. The whole top of my hand is swollen:-( Still glad I stopped and took the shot. Can imagine how the ant got on my hand. I was being so careful with my feet!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Start of Summer

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Here's a collage of our Memorial Day party yesterday.  Thanks to the Kidd Family (Danny, Christine, and Madi) for hosting again this year.  I went back and looked at my pics, and they've been hosting a pool party on Memorial Day weekend at least as far back as 2008.  Always a good time!

If you want a laugh, check out the kids dancing at the party.  I would have imbedded the video, but I'm having difficulty with the Blogger/YouTube interface.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Patriotic Air Cleaner

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We went to the 24th Annual Piedmont Classic Chevy Club Car Show at Lake Wheeler on Saturday.  They host this car show every May, and we try to go each year.  Although the Chevy Club puts it on, there are all sorts of cars to see.  I am alway slooking for the Cadillacs.  Johnny was excited to scope out every green car they yard.  Donnie looks for the cars we owned years ago and unique cars.

I thought I'd post this flag in the air cleaner shot for my daily to remember our fallen heroes this Memorial Day Weekend.