Saturday, March 2, 2013


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Me, Johnny, and Donnie watching Joey's basketball game.  Johnny insists on sitting on Mr. Don's lap:-)

Some shots from Joey's first game where they won.  Joey got his first basket of the season and is really pleased as you can see by the smile in the middle row far right picture (left most orange shirt).  Dang I missed the actual shot!

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Johnny also made his first shot.  The little kids shoot very close free throws at half time, and Johnny made his shot.

Both boys one game one of the championship but lost game two.

Friday, March 1, 2013


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The kids were outside playing Loose Scooter with Mr. Don when I asked Madi and Johnny to come take some shots in the big oak tree in the side yard.

 I took this shot of Madi in the same tree back in 2011.

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She's growing up!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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It's a rare opportunity when I get a picture of Blaze.  Normally she won't look at the camera.  Plus, she's so dark I have trouble with the exposure even when she does.  Several times during the last month, I noticed  her sitting at the top of the steps to our bonus room with pretty light coming in from the nearby window.  I'd go downstairs for something, Donnie would promise her I'd be right back, and she'd move to the top of the steps to wait and look for me. At 12, we try to get her to not walk the 12 steps too many times.  It's a blessing at this point that she can even go up and down the stairs at all.  Actually, years ago she went up and down them and then had quit for some time but after we changed out diet and started giving her more table scraps (meats and fats), she seemed to get reinvigorated and be willing to make the effort again.  I don't know how many more chances I'll have to take shots like this, so I cherish this one she let me take today.

Blaze is a SPCA of Wake County rescue.  She came in as a City of Raleigh stray at 1 year old and hung out at the shelter for a long time.  She didn't have that puppy cuteness, and she was shy and hung out at the back of her kennel.  I used to go in and sit with her, and she was a favorite of several  other volunteers and staff members.  She went with some of us to an offsite adoption event one Saturday, and somehow I ended up bringing her home with me for the rest of the weekend to give her a break from the shelter.  She was scared of her own shadow and incredibly hand shy and awkward.  I was worried she wasn't adoptable except to a dedicated dog person, so I asked to foster her and try to work with her.  Although over time and now for sure she's definitely come out of her shell, it was a slow progress.  Once she was in the house we both knew she'd found her home and I adopted her shortly thereafter.  She's been a good house dog and a tolerated the kids when they came along and now Kitty too.

Monday, February 25, 2013


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Donnie and I stopped to get eggs from our local farmer this morning at Ball's Produce.  Angel usually greets us when we stop but is much shyer than this picture would convey.  Apparently in her former home the kids tortured her, so if I have Johnny and/or Madi with me, she runs and hides for sure.  As it is, it takes her a few minutes to come over to me for a pet too.  Silly dog.  Doesn't she know a dog person when she sees one?  Well smells one anyway.  Blaze sure knew when I got home that I'd visited Angel!  This was taken as we prepared to drive away.  I thought it was cute her looking out for the next patron from inside where it's warm (34 this AM).

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Under the Roast Chicken

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I often roast a chicken on Sundays.  It makes for a wonderful family meal, and Joey loves roast chicken.  When he's been gone for the weekend, he loves to come home to a hearty meal.  I put onions, garlic, heirloom carrots, and celery under a whole chicken which I coat with coconut oil and season with salt and pepper and rosemary.  After we feast on the chicken, I use the bones and another batch of veggies to make broth which often turns into soup.  I love these meals that turn into other meals:-)