Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunny Day

Madi's mom, Christine, showed up with 4 of these flowers yesterday as a bouquet for me to put in a vase. They were a thank you gift for me getting Madi to school 3 days this past week while Christine was traveling on business. I like surprises like this that I can turn into photo ops:-)

I really like this shot too except for accidentally getting my hair in it:-)  When I was done with the photo shoot out on my back deck and carrying the flowers back into the house I thought they reflected so pretty in the glass on the door and then up in my arms to the sky.

Friday, July 22, 2011


The pendulum and insides of one of the clocks I brought back from dad's house.

Here's the whole clock:

I wish I had more history on this beautiful old clock, but I don't. I think it came from my mother's side of the family but was given to my dad as the keeper of the family clocks. Inside it says Seth Thomas and Made in the USA.

I struggled to post something today. The heat just makes it impossible to be outside for very long, and it is wilting the flowers so that they aren't as pretty to take pics of. My usual subjects and shots seem hard to take advantage of right now.

This website has some good information on clocks.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Taken, offloaded, and pp'ed just minutes ago! Madi is here with me this morning. I'm helping get her to school, and this is breakfast:-)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cool at the Pool

A festive shot I took Saturday when I was at The Garden Hut. They always have the store decorated so beautifully! Quite 4th of July looking and festive and hopefully eye catching. Hand held in lower light so it's not quite as tack sharp as I'd like.

All the errands in Monroe yesterday to attend to dad's estate plus packing up things at his house plus driving across state again just didn't leave me any time for pics. Posting late:-( The world feels like it's passing me buy today. Hoping tomorrow things have slowed down some.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Beautiful Day

As I type this, there is a mother and baby deer in my father's backyard. Unfortunately, they are in the shade and there is bright sun behind them and a dirty window between me and them, but it's still a great view.

This was taken yesterday while driving from my house to my dad's house. This is NC Hwy. 42 crossing the Cape Fear River. It was a gorgeous day yesterday as you can see. I did HDR on this to bring out the details.

I also did a pano of a crossing of the Pee Dee River on NC Hwy. 109:

 Taking a first pass at sorting through things at dad's house and having several meetings in town and then back home later. I won't be on the computer much.

Futuristic Flower

I went to The Garden Hut yesterday in search of a cool POTD. I took many pictures of flowers but also took a picture of this wrought iron tabletop:

I liked the original shot, but I really liked this version which I revved up with a Glowing Edges Filter, a Sumi-e Filter, and a Poster Edges Filter not to mention extra saturation. I really liked the futuristic feel and amount of pastel color variation that I was able to achieve.

My alternate shot for today is an HDR of a frog fountain:

The boys are away for a week with their dad. Coping.