Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Merry (and Uneventful) Christmas

Well, the fantastic news is that no one needed to go to the hospital on Christmas Eve like they did on Thanksgiving 'eve'.

Dad was able to make it up. The boys were very excited that Poppop was coming to visit not to mention that Santa was on his way.

We had tons of fun with Poppop making Christmas-shaped sugar cookies for Santa. Mom made a nice bottom round roast on Christmas Eve and a Dinner Bell ham on Christmas Day determined not to spend too much time in the kitchen.
While we were waiting for the roast to cook on Christmas Eve, we took a drive with Poppop looking at Christmas lights.

Santas helpers did what they need to do;-)

Joey was very excited with a Nintendo DS. Mario and Sonic are soon to rule at our house I'm afraid.

Johnny loved his scooter (like Joey's only blue) and the Star Wars ships and action figures.

Mom and Dad and Poppop got some neat big girl and big boy gifts too:-)

With kids in the house, the magic of the season was definitely felt at our house:-)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kids' Christmas Party

We held our annual Christmas party for Joey and Johnny and their friends Saturday. Everyone seemed to have a good time:-) The kids did 4 crafts: wooden ornaments with markers, stained glass plastic ornaments, filling glass bulbs with garland and sparkles and beads, and making a Santa mobile face. We ate nuggets and chips and cupcakes and fruit and sugar cookies that we made. Carols were playing in the background. Little boys were having fun chugging their trains and zooming their race cars around the house. Joey and Eli even made it snow in the garage with cotton balls:-) It was really nice to spend part of the busy holiday season having fun with friends.
The rest of the pics are here.