Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quintessential Country Barn Scene

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While out running errands yesterday, I noticed a bed of orange lilies in front of a tobacco barn and thought it was so pretty that I just had to turn around and go back for a picture.  I have used HDR with Photomatix to enhance the details and color in my daily shot.  Here's an alternate view.  I used the Color Efex Pro Detail Extractor filter to pp this shot.  The bracketed images were not aligned enough for crisp detail, so I had to work with just one image.  I find the Detail Extractor filter a good back-up when HDR isn't working out.

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I'm still doing my best to cook healthy meals.  Of course I realize what one considers healthy another may consider the opposite.  At any point, instead of swinging into McDonald's for lunch because it was lunchtime and we were all starved, we came home and I pan fried some onions and chicken breasts in coconut oil.  I also steamed some sugar snap peas that came in my weekly Carolina Grown food order.  I'm happy to say that Joey readily ate the peas just as he would string beans or asparagus.  I threw the steamed peas into the frying pan after the other food was done to give them a bit of added flavor.  Oh, and we're using sour cream mixed with some salsa instead of ranch dressing or ketchup now.  There's no sugar in that mixture like there is in the others.

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I saw this interesting wrapped Xb at Cameron village yesterday.  Every Woman Needs a Bailey's Box.  It was a jewelry store ad.  Wrapping cars to make money advertising is a common sight around here, but I had not seen that unique metal bow on top before!

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Back to school and back to work today.  I know it's just going to be a 4 day week, but can it be Friday already?  Not really wanting to wish the days away just not looking forward to the grind either.

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