Monday, March 3, 2008

Pictures at Coffee and Crepes

I had my picture showing at the Cary Art Loop at Coffee and Crepes on Friday night. It was very exciting, and I was super happy with the turnout of family and friends that were able to make it. That meant a lot. For those of you who aren't local or who weren't able to make it, here are pictures of my pictures on the long, orange wall at Coffee and Crepes. You have until the last Tuesday in March to stop by and see them. Also, you can visit my website and see all the prints currently available.

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A Hike at Yates Mill

The boys and I met up with Dave, Jacob and Timmy at Yates Mill Pond on Saturday for a hike. Patricia is working down in SC, and all the kids needed some good fresh air and exercise. It was a pretty day with temps in the low 60s by late afternoon.

Dave and I spent most of our day seeing the kids running ahead of us on the trail. See the picture below.

I took the picture below for Patricia. "Hi, Mom!"

Inbetween being competitive about getting to the trailmarkers first or leading the hike, the kids shared a lot of hugs, hand holding, and happy moments. If only we could get Joey to hug just a little more gentle.

Timmy and Johnny walked hand-in-hand for a godd while. Cute!
When I'm at Yates Mill Pond, I take a lot of pics. The rest are here. I was mostly having fun with the kids, but I did take a few nature shots. We also went to Lake Wheeler Park afterward and fed the ducks too.
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Getting Ready for St. Patrick's Day and Easter

The boys and I spent a few minutes on Sunday putting up our inflatable Leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day and putting out our Bunny scarecrows (as Joey calls them) for Easter. We're always so excited to do stuff like this:-) And, the boys love posing for pics afterward. They can be so cute...

He Did It! He Did It! He Did It Yeah!

Those of you familiar with Dora and Diego are now happily singing one of their theme songs:-)
Joey lost his first tooth before school this morning. Yippie!

Last night before bed, he got brave and let me touch the tooth with my fingers covered by a piece of toilet tissue. He said the tissue would keep it from hurting. I asked him if I had permission to try to yank it out. He was very motivated for a visit from the tooth fairy, so he said yes. I yanked on it twice with my thumb and index finger with no luck. It bled a bit and was loose but wasn't coming out.

This morning, Joey gave me permission to yank on it again. It came out the first time. It was veyr loose at that point and almost laying sideways, so it came out pretty easy. He and I were so proud:-)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday Morning Fun

I was blow drying my hair one minute. The next minute I was teasing Johnny by blowing him and he was smiling big time. That turned into me grabbing the camera and getting pics of Johnny smiling. But then Joey insisted on getting into the act. Before I knew it, we'd done a whole cute, funny, zany photo shoot again:-) All the pics are here.