Friday, November 21, 2008

Santa Paws Sneak Peak

Since before Joey was born, our family has had our holiday Christmas card picture taken at the SPCA of Wake County's Santa Paws fundraiser. Each year, just before Thanksgiving, we dress up in color coordinated holiday cheer and hop in the car with at least one of our dogs to go get our picture taken. For the last several years, the picture location has been an empty store at Cameron Village. Tonight was our night this year. Black jeans and red and black shirts were the theme. Blaze got to come with us. They took several poses. Now that they use digitial cameras, I could see on the LCD screen that they got at least one good picture. Next Tuesday, I can pick up a CD with the digital images on it and then go to Wal-Mart and get our holiday cards made. Fun!

I took a few sneak peak pictures waiting to get our picture made with Santa and then a few of the boys with Santa after the family picture was made. The album is here.

It cost $40 for our family, and I know it goes to a good cause. If you think you might like to get your family's picture made this year, there are still appointments available.

Last year's Santa Paws picture album is here.


I really hope it's a sign of more snow to come this winter for us. We've had flurries at our house twice in one week, and it's only November!!! I realized it was snowing at 7:15 this morning and went excitidly into the boys' room to wake them up to go out and see it. Normally they sleep until 7:30 or 7:45. They were still out solid. I was like a crazy woman coaxing them up, pulling on socks, stuffing into jackets, letting them slip just their Crocs on. I didn't want it to stop before we got outside! They thought I was a tad nuts until they actually got out in it. Then, their faces lit up! We walked Blaze and had fun (and then went back inside where it was warm). No accumulation. Maybe next time!
The rest of the pics are here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Orange is the color of Fall...

I've been dressing the boys in orange a lot this month (October too). Orange reminds me of Halloween and Fall and the leaves turning. Pretty soon it will be time to make the Christmas shift to red. I caught the boys being silly in their cute orange shirts last night and took the pics in this collage.
The window for taking Fall leaf pictures is about over. Many leaves are down in our area of NC now. Those that are still up are turning brown. I'm really sad to see peak leaf season go...especially when today it's being replaced by cold temps and a strong wind.
Soon I'll be back out taking bare tree pictures and sunset pics...I hope. This whole amateur photography thing started about a year ago with beautiful December sunset shots. I was driving home from work one day and was upset that I didn't have my camera because the sunset was so pretty. The next day I brought my camera, and the sunset was pretty again. I took some nice pics, and I've been trying to take interesting nature pics (often along the side of the road as I travel to/from work or shopping) ever since. I hope to repeat the pretty sunset shots this year, so keep checking back!