Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time to Sled!

The kids and I were delighted for the winter weather that hit Raleigh Friday night into Saturday. I guess we got somewhere between 3" and 5" with a good bit of accumulation being sleet instead of snow. Not good for snowman building, but perfectly fine for sledding. We've been let down by so many forecasts in the past. I'm glad this one worked out.

We went out twice today...once around sunrise for 90 minutes and again around midday for another 90 minutes. We were joined by many of our friends on both outings, and it was just great to be surrounded by the excitement of kids totally delighted to be out playing in the snow.

Sledding always reminds me of happy times living up in Trenton, NJ the first 10 years of my life. I remember snow fences and people ice skating on real ponds and enough snow to walk up to the hill on Line Road for some sledding. I hope some day my kids will look back on these times with the same fond remembrance as I do of my childhood snow days. It would mean a lot to me.

We had my Flexible Flyer out today...the one I used as a child. Fast on the hill...what a thrill.
But, I'm saying thanks tonight that Joey is doing as good as he is. Best as I can tell, he went down the hill on the Flyer on his stomach and with Johnny on his back and then couldn't see to steer or forgot how to steer and they slammed into a log at the bottom of the hill. With no braking, that could have been up to 30mph. Joey's left cheek took the brunt of the hit, but it looks like his eye is OK. He's got an abrasion that's the size of his first, but no deep cuts. Poor kid. Ice, ibuprofen, and a little TLC mostly have him comfortable.

Tomorrow's another day, and the snow is still around. I suspect we'll be making more snow memories.