Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

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Considered an invasive pest plant by many, I still find the Mimosa or Silk Tree to be very pretty.

In a rush to get out the door for baseball practice this AM, but...

Johnny's baseball team lost 10-5 last night.  Johnny had one good play at third and one good hit, so we were proud.  The gallery of the game is here.

Hold slot for baseball picture or collage here.

Still cooking up a storm at the house minus the carbs.

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That's sirloin steak, onions, broccoli with cheese sauce, and some juicy tomatoes:-)

Checking out a new source for beef at local farm, Wilkerson Farms.  This is the field is the field of cattle!  They are way off in the distance in this shot, but I thought you'd appreciate the big sky we had yesterday better than looking at their back sides:-)

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If you're a rescued spaniel and you live on a cattle farm, you get good bones. This is Lexy.

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My almost daily green tinted Queen Anne's Lace.

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And leaving you with an orange lily to brighten your day!

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