Sunday, May 20, 2012

Donnie Is Home!

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I spent time yesterday shopping at all the places a woman and a mom would want to shop if she didn't have kids in toe.  I was lonely sometimes without the kids and without Donnie, but I made the most of being on my own.  Between running errands and coming down now with the cold that the kids have, I just didn't take too many pictures.  What I did take had bad focus.  I also spent time visiting with a friend I hadn't seen for years, Mary, too.  It sure was good to see her and her German Shepard Bruno.  We had fun catching up!

But, the big news is that Donnie is home from his week in Arizona for a college graduation and to visit with friends.  I cannot be more excited that he's back.  What a wonderful sight to see him at my kitchen table this AM sharing breakfast, coffee, and the paper with me.  The rain is gone, the sun is out, temps are rising.  It's a good day!

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