Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Fence Line

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There's a spot I pass on the way to/from the boys' school every day.  The pond often has awesome reflections, the fence line catches my eye, and I enjoy watching the horse and the two goats.  I keep hoping for the perfect shot, and it's just not happening.  I saw the horse sortof in a good position yesterday afternoon and stopped to take a few pics.  I ended up liking this fence line shot the best but am undecided as to what the best pp would have been.  I went with a tad more color, contrast and detail but tried B&W and sepia and a much more intense color too.

Here's the horse.

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And here's a wider view.

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The pool party is on at the Kidd Family (Madi) pool this weekend! Danny finished the rebuild of the deck and was preparing to put the top rail on the pool sides this past Sunday. Donnie and I stopped by to check out the progress.  This is a 13 shot pano created by Microsoft ICE, and it has several technical issues (guys moved and upper left shot was blurred bad back at the camera), but you get the gist.  Bring on the water volleyball!

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