Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's Looking at You!

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With the approaching much colder weather and the holiday season coming to a close, it was time to take down the inflatables.  Until next year...

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A big thanks again to Donnie for all his efforts this holiday season.  I wasn't feeling very good yesterday, and mostly I sat on a stool near him or got up to take a few pictures close by while he packed things up.

Here is one of my sasanqua camellias:

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Soaking in the beauty of the flowers before the blooms are frozen later in the week.

With colder air approaching, the birds were extra active at the bird feeders too.  This cheery House Finch is a wonderful winter addition to my yard.

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For my daily today, I've posted a Northern Mockingbird.  He's a new addition to the feeder area too.  So far he seems to be sharing;-)

Wishing everyone a new year filled with joy and good health...

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