Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orange Beauty

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Look what's coming to Raleigh!  It's the Nature Research Center going in next to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.  The kids and I have been watching the 'earth' go up for months now whenever we travel downtown like we did today on our way to Marbles Kids Museum. Today we saw the skin on it for the first time.  Exciting!

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I threw together a quick collage of the kids doing fun stuff at the museum:

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The most interesting thing at the museum today is that they had redone the Power 2 Play exhibit upstairs.  The hockey rink and soccer area remained, but they added in a new climbing wall, gymnastic rings, and a netted basketball area.  We spent a lot of time in that section, and the kids had a blast.

I've never seen marble run track out when we've been there before, but today there were bins of parts, and the kids and I spent some time building.  I got interested in how a 35X zoom in on the run itself would look.  Pretty neat if you ask me.  I almost made this my POTD:

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But, it was the rose still growing outside here in December that I thought many of you might appreciate most.  Marbles has a nice kids' garden area, and this is where several rose bushes were still thriving.

I can tell I've had the chemo now.  My energy level is down some, but I'm still hanging in here:-)

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