Monday, January 2, 2012

Roast Chicken

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I roasted a chicken yesterday with carrots and onions underneath and Italian seasonings on top.  The four of us devoured it along with some Stove Top Stuffing.  Yum!

Donnie took me for a drive in search of some pics, but it's January and there just isn't much out there to shoot with no snow or frost or ice to jazz it up a bit.  My favorite dragonfly wetland is brown and dormant:

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And on the other side of the road:

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You can just barely see the moon in the shot above just to the left top of the close pine.  It was out early:

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I found this lonely flower nestled down in the leaves in my yard too:

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I know you guys up in the northern US and Canada will laugh at us folks in Raleigh, but we consider a high on Tuesday of 37 with an overnight low of 20 to be downright frigid.  You should have heard the weatherman on the news last night talking about the arctic blast of cold air headed our way;-)  Don't worry, though, it's short-lived with a high of 63 predicted for Saturday.  Us spoiled Raleigh people that we are.

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