Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sitting Pretty

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With temps in the low 20s here last night, I made a fire in our fireplace.  It was warm and pretty and a comfort to sit by.  I added some copper coated pine cones to the flames for extra photographic appeal:-)

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I thought this view looking up was pretty neat too:

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I made a new recipe for meatballs last night which used Stove Top Stuffing instead of bread crumbs.  I'd have to say that they are a real winner.

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I tried the variation of adding some cream cheese to the tomato sauce (Classico Tomato and Basil), and that was yummy too. Of course my taste buds aren't 100% due to the chemo, but the boys ate it up and said it was great too.

Stephen's Ace Hardware in Fuquay has a train going around the store.  Somehow I've never taken the boys in before.  We needed birdseed and our usual place was closed, so we ended up there.  The boys thought it was fantastic.  That and the free popcorn on the way out made sure we'll be back!

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I get a great deal of joy looking out my kitchen window at the deck rail and treeline bird feeders that I have up (suet too).  Each day I shoot a few shots of the birds.  It's amazing all the new varieties that show up in the winter time.  I've shared a black-capped chickadee picture as my POTD and here is a collage showing a few of the other visitors (goldfinch, downy woodpecker, and a pine warbler?):

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Thanks for stopping by to share in a bit of our day and to look at my pics...

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WildeLifePhotography said...

I might have to try the meatball recipe. The stuffing would add a special taste.