Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Hair Cut!

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As planned, my hair was cut and donated to Locks of Love last night. Friends offered to go for support, but some roads in life were meant to be walked alone. Well, I wasn't THAT alone.  I had Joey and Johnny with me, and they had their Nintendo DS'.  With a small amount of inspiration from me, it turned into a let's photograph mom fest:-)  And, that kept me smiling.  I had a surge of anxiety and almost cried as she cut the first section off, but that soon passed and before I knew it I had a new hairdoo.

Glinda at Veasey's Hair Designs is where I got it cut.  It all started one day when I walked into GameStop over the holidays and the nice girl, Carol, at the counter commented on how beautiful my hair was.  She told me that she'd just had 6 inches cut off of her medium length hair and that she was really missing it.  I told her thanks and then just couldn't help tell her I was about to start chemo and probably lose my hair.  I wasn't trying to make her feel bad at all...just I talk to people who talk to me.  She went on to tell me that her mom cuts hair and that there were several people in her family who had survived cancer (and lost and regrown their hair) and that her mom cut hair for Locks of Love donations.  She encouraged me to go stop in and see her mom, and later that day I did.  Her mom, Glinda, reassured me that Locks of Love would want my hair (they take colored hair but not bleached hair), and so we set up an appointment for after the holidays and her vacation time.

Here is a daily that I put up for the boys.  It is a combination of shots that they both took with my camera and their DS'.  Johnny had Ms. Glinda wrapped around his finger asking her to smile and rushing over to show her the picture he'd just taken.

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Another collage showing even more pics that they took:

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Although a horrible flash shot, I really like the shot of Johnny trying to help Glinda sweep up my hair.  He's such a good boy.

My daily shot is one I had Johnny take this morning and then I cropped it, cloned out the edge of a picture frame, and ran a portrait filter on it.  I didn't think there was a shot last night that really showed what the hair cut looked like.  Plus I had washed it and between that and the weight being off of it it bounces now:-)

A special thanks to Glinda and her daughter for turning something unpleasant into something I could deal with.  I made appointments for Glinda to cut the boys' hair next week:-)

Thanks for your support on this...  And if you think it looks 'better' shorter...well maybe you shouldn't tell me;-)

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