Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mr. Bluebird

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After work yesterday, Johnny and I went for a walk with Blaze.  Along the way, we saw several birds including the bluebird that I've posted for my daily.  That 35x zoom on my new Canon SX40 HS really let me get this shot.  Still, it's cropped quite a bit.  I used Color Efex Pro to lighten the center as the bird was in the shade and the shot was therefore darker than I wanted. I resisted tinkering with the colors on top of that as blues are so hard to get/keep right.

My cutie thought I should take his picture after taking the bird's:

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Besides the fact that it was a gorgeous 60 something day again, we wanted to take a closer look at the Yoda statue in our neighbor's yard.  Clearly the force is strong at this house.  BTW, I love Star Wars and wish I had R2-D2 in  my yard!

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Nearby this sweet kitty nestled in the warm sun:

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He was rubbing his chin into the ground and talked to us a bit but with Blaze on her leash at my feet, no way was he coming over.  BTW, Blaze does not dislike cats and probably would have done just fine if he'd approached.

I have to post one more new chef hat picture!

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We cooked up a storm in the kitchen again last night making dog biscuits for Blaze and Buddy, No Bake Cheesecake, and then a full dinner with country style steak and green beans at the heart of it.  Yum!

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The biscuits were a box mix I got in the after Christmas clearance at Target.  They were easy and seemed to contain basic things cookies are made from minus the sugar.

If I tell you what I have planned for today, you might fuss, so you'll just have to see the pics tomorrow;-)

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