Sunday, December 11, 2011


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A pretty candlelight shot I took while preparing dinner last night.  I got a set of 3 tiered votive holders at the thrift store last week.  They had candycane twist stems on them in red and clear..  The pics didn't turn out how I envisioned even with a mirror as the base, but I like this shot from underneath anyway.

Donnie and I went to see the movie In Time yesterday afternoon and then settled in on a cool, December night with beef stew and candles.  I love the smell of good food cooking in the house and beautiful candlelight and of course someone wonderful to share it with.

BTW, Justin Timberlake did a good job in the movie and we enjoyed seeing Olivia Wilde from House and Johnny Galecki from Big Bang Theory.  Amanda Seyfried as beautiful to watch as well.

This is the recipe that I made with garlic powder substituted for onion powder and minus the pearl onions.  I recommend it.  I  made steamed fresh green beans and herb baked potatoes on the side, and then we mixed them in. Yum!

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Still trying to get a shot of those roses that I think is good enough to share!

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Here's one other alternate candle glow shot too:

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The wax was red, but I have blue LED lights in one corner of the kitchen, and some of that light got picked up in the shot.

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