Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

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I took this  tree light shot Tuesday night while we were out looking at lights.  Although it's a 'blurry' shot, I liked it right away.  The colors reminded me of the fabric I imagine an angels dress would be...golden and warm.  I went through my December 2010 gallery and found this angel:

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I had decided the angel should be in the tree.  I took the angel out of her shot and made her a new layer in the tree shot and then made the tree a duplicate layer on top of the angel as a slightly reduced opacity pin light layer.  I added the text too...Loriah BT seems to be my favorite font.  I use it a lot.

Here are the layers:

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After school yesterday, we had fun in the backyard with leaves and our slide.  Mostly Donnie and I enjoyed sitting at the picnic bench while the boys played.  It was warm and enjoyable as the sun set.

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