Saturday, December 10, 2011

Merry Christmas! from Madi

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Donnie and I got together with Teen, Danny, and Madi last night at their house for dinner and Jenga.  This shot of Madi was taken in their kitchen, and the background clutter was too distracting, so I grabbed Madi out of it.  Here's the original:

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I got that dress earlier in the day at my favorite store in Fuquay-Varina...Guardian Angel Thrift.  Gotta love a $3 dress!  They raise funds for Alzheimer's Research.  It's a great group of people and lots of fun stuff over there.

Teen and I had bought Madi a sleeveless red dress at JCP earlier in the week.  It wasn't very expensive either, and last night Madi had fun modeling both dresses for me and of course letting me take pics. Here's the other dress:

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Dinner was great, time with friends was special, and on the one month anniversary of my surgery I was able to dance with Madi in the kitchen.  It was a good night.

Here's the chocolate cake I made (my kitchen):

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The bundt pan was a gift from my girl friend Debbie last Christmas.  It's one of those fancy ones with Christmas trees and a train around the bottom rim.  The roses came from Food Lion.  Sometimes I go in in the morning, and they are giving away for FREE their expired flowers.  My lucky day!  It's as if they made that red and white bouquet just for me!

BTW, we got to 31 levels on Jenga!!!

One more shot of the roses that I almost posted as  my POTD:

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I didn't like that one outer loose petal.

My pictures at Teen's house:

She has more up than I do in my house!

And...Donnie taking abuse at my house:-)  He's such a good sport!

Every time he visits the boys want him to wrestle!

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