Friday, December 16, 2011

Gypsy's Shiny Diner

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I had yet another doctor's appointment yesterday, and I'm so thankful that Donnie went with me.  Days with him are good days no matter what...

After the appointment, we were ready to get some lunch, and Donnie thought we should try Gypsy's Shiny Diner in Cary.  Most folks that live in the Raleigh area will remember that the town of Cary had issues over the shiny outside of the diner and tried to block it's construction for a while.  Irritating.  The town and restaurant came to an agreement, and the diner did open in 1997.

"Gypsy's was constructed in Florida and trucked to NC on 6 over-sized tractor-trailers up I-95 and then onto I-40. Once the trucks reached the NC border, they were met by 2 state highway patrol cars for an escort (required by NC law for super over-sized loads). Once the diner reached Cary, the state patrol assisted the Cary police department in stopping traffic while an over-sized crane set the diner on its foundation. It was a true sight to see!!!

Gypsy's has won many dining awards and has been featured in documentaries, on TV shows, on commercials, CD covers, featured in photo shoots, and print ads. You can always count on Gypsy's being on the local "scavenger hunt" list at least once a month.

Gypsy's has an "original" 1950's and 60's jukebox spinning 45's all the time. You can choose songs from either our original Seeburg jukebox or the small replicas at every table.

Gypsy's Shiny Diner has been the site of: 19 marriage proposals, numerous birthdays and anniversary celebrations, 28,000+ "first date" meetings and thousands of informal lunch meetings. Spend your next significant date at Gypsy's.

Gypsy's is proud to have given to many local, county, state & national charities including the fight against women's breast cancer."

Here's a shot of Donnie enjoying his breakfast for lunch meal:

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The picture is definitely one of my favorite shots of the day!  He's such a smart guy knowing that we'd enjoy the food and that I'd enjoy taking pictures before and after the meal.  I had a sandwich and onion rings...YUM!

From the outside:

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The counter stools:

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The lights decked out for Christmas:

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The counter and table-sized jukeboxes:

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The table top:

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And last but not least the ceiling:

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I grew up eating occasional meals at the Hightstown Luncheonette near Princeton, NJ.  The parents of a very close friend of my mother's owned and ran the place running a taxi service from it too.  We'd stop in to say hello, and of course they'd want to feed us.  So, when we walked into Gypsy's today, I took a fast trip down memory lane.  Sweet!

I can't help but share these cute pictures of the kids from Chick-fil-A last night.

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I took quite a few Christmas light shots on the way home from CFA.  With clouds and rain moving in today, I will probably spend some time pp'ing one or more of them for tomorrow's post.

It's back to work for me today for the first time in over a month.  Do you have any clue how much e-mail is in my work inbox?  Ugh...  My year end vacation starts next Wednesday along with the kid's holiday break, and I am looking forward to that!

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