Monday, December 12, 2011

Candy Cane Candles

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A few weeks ago I picked up a set of candy cane candles at the thrift store. The box set of 3 (2 tall and 1 round) was missing a square mirror, but the candles were still in their protective wrapping paper and looked really cool.  I know, I mention the thrift store a lot.   You're going to think I have a problem LOL:-)  Well, maybe...

Donnie stayed for dinner with me and the boys last night, and that was reason enough to light the pretty candles and of course take some pics.  I wasn't totally delighted with what I got but happy enough to try to use one of the shots I took to create the card I've posted as my daily.  Unfortunately, not long after they were burning, the sides near the top got uneven and wax went down onto the mirror, etc.  So, no second chance to take shots at least not with them looking pristine.

I got the idea for the card layout from Picnik. They had a card you could create and send but not save as a .jpg.  So, I went into PSE and created the card from scratch.  It wasn't too hard to get the boxes and stripes added to the background.  I downloaded two free brush sets for the snowflakes too from here and here.  Brushes are fun!  I love making cards:-)

I saw this totally nifty hat that TinaMarie had made El Jay and asked her to make one for Johnny.  It came in the mail on Saturday and was waiting for him when he came home last night. His favorite color is green, and he loves to run his fingers over blankets and soft things. He was delighted!

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You can look at some of the other items TinaMarie has made here.

I just can't say enough good things about Donnie...  Although it was football day, he gave up some of his time to wrestle with the boys and put a smile on their faces as well as mine.  Joey was quite enthused to come home and find Mr. Don:-)  Joey weighs 110lbs.

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Today is the day I meet with the doctors again...

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