Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Pond

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I wish I didn't feel compelled to tell you that this bldg. is a doctor's office.  Some office, huh?!?  Donnie spotted it in our previous travels through the medical park and thought he should stop yesterday to let me take some pics in an effort to cheer my spirits. He's such a great guy.  Not only was the architecture/view pretty, but we also saw a great blue heron (extensive crop):

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and a mallard pair (this is the female):

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There was a hooded merganser pair as well, but they stayed too far away for a decent picture.

We also stopped on the way in from school to see this heron, hooded mergansers, and a kingfisher:

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I found out yesterday that in order to reduce my cancer recurrence rate from about 18% down to more like 6% that I need chemo.  It's either going to be 4 doses 21 days apart or 6 doses 21 days apart depending on which medication combos I pick. We are still trying to decide, and I have another test to help with that process tomorrow.  Most people who get this type of chemo lose their hair, and most of you have probably seen pictures of me with my hair long enough to touch the tops of my blue jeans.  I sometimes say it's 3 feet long...a slight but not by much stretch.  You know, I'm one of those types where I get it cut a couple of times a year whether I need it or not;-)  I was thinking yesterday that it's only been short 3 times in my life (age 6, 1986, and 2004).  Let's just say that I'm upset about losing my hair and then I'll try to move past it.  I told Donnie it's at least 5 years to get it back this long and he said but it will be shoulder length in no time.  He of course it right and do I really need 3 feet of hair anyway.  Sigh...  The chemo will probably start the week after Christmas.  Trying not to lose sight of all that there is to be thankful for but some days it is harder than others.

Added note: I made an appt. for 1/4/12 to get it cut locally for the Locks of Love charity. The may not use my hair to make a wig for the children because it has color in it, but if not, they will sell it and use the money to fund the wig making. Either way, it's good for the charity. Much better than letting it be wasted.

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